Historie und Entwicklung eines Unternehmens für geophysikalische Bohrlochmessungen

From the first measuring equipment for geophysical borehole measurements, a borehole geophysical measurement company, the VEB Bohrlochmessungen, was founded in East Germany as early as 1962. From a technical point of view, the company has been in existence for over 50 years, although under several changes in operational and organisational conditions, but still partly at the same locations.

The fields of activity of the company included almost all fields of hydrology, engineering geology, geology and geophysics. It was always necessary to achieve the specific exploration goal technically and to provide the customer with meaningful measurement results.

In the past, borehole measurement was used almost exclusively in the field of mining and exploration. The main focus was on the exploration of lignite, oil and natural gas resources, combined with the technical requirements resulting from the drillings.

In addition, borehole measurements were also carried out in the field of hydrogeology and water management and, somewhat later, in the exploration of raw materials such as potash salt, spar and ore. A little later on, the borehole measurements were still being used for tasks that could be derived from the artificial storage of natural gas and the intended use of geothermal energy.

In the course of the company’s development, the analogue measurement technology used until the 1980s was increasingly replaced by digital measurement technology. In addition, the applied evaluation methods were further developed.

In the future, we will continue to provide our customers with a portfolio appropriate to their tasks, expand this portfolio and continue to work on the development of new technologies. With our three locations in Gommern, Poing and Gotha we are very well positioned and can meet the growing requirements.