Under deep boreholes we understand boreholes from approx. 300 m.

An important business field of BLM GmbH is the surveying of deep wells drilled for the purpose of exploration, development of deposits or monitoring of underground geological or hydrodynamic conditions.

Concrete economic objectives are currently mostly the extraction of solid mineral resources (salts and ores) and thermal waters (geothermal energy) from greater depths.

BLM GmbH offers the following services for the execution of the measurements:

  • Statements on the state of the borehole
  • Lithological classification of the drilled rock
  • Determination of joint boundaries in the rock
  • Detection and quantification of inflows
  • Evaluation of technical installations within wells, borehole integrity

Measuring program

  • Caliper measurement (CAL-4, CAL-6)
  • Multifinger (MFC)
  • Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  • Gamma Ray Log (GR)
  • Spectral Gamma Ray Log (SGR)
  • Resistivity measurements (focused [FEL] or inductive [IL], small/large resistivity standards [EL-KN/EL-GN])
  • Borehole deviation (BA)
  • Magnet log (MAL)
  • Density Log (GG.D)
  • Neutron Log (NN)
  • Photoelectric Density (PDT)
  • Pulsed Neutron Gamma (ING)
  • Imaging methods (camera inspections [TV], acoustic scanners [ABF], optical scanners [OPTV])
  • Full Wave Sonic / Cement Bond Log (FWS / CBL)
  • Conductivity / temperature of the fluid (SAL/TEMP)
  • Milieu parameters (MIL: pH, redox, O2)
  • Flowmeter (FLOW)
  • Turbidity Log (FMT)
  • Liquid density (FD)

Other measurement methods