BLM GmbH carries out borehole measurements under pressure using pressure equipment. The term “under pressure” refers to the condition that there is gas overpressure in the riser of production probe installations or that water wells are highly artesian.

The pressure equipment is then used to secure the entry of measuring probes for the purpose of investigating or checking probe installations or to check the technical condition and functionality of artesian deep wells.
In such cases, the sealing is carried out with the aid of a shut-off valve (preventer) in connection with lock pipes installed above it or by using a stuffing box.
For this purpose, BLM GmbH has sluices with a diameter of 2″ and 4″ into which all measuring probes can enter under the given conditions.

In standard cases the following measuring methods are currently possible:

  • Caliper measurement (CAL-4, CAL-6)
  • Multifinger (MFC)
  • Casing Collar Locator (CCL)
  • Gamma Ray Log (GR)
  • Spectral Gamma Ray Log (SGR)
  • Resistivity measurements (focused [FEL] or inductive [IL], small/large resistivity standards [EL-KN/EL-GN])
  • Borehole deviation (BA)
  • Magnet log (MAL)
  • Density Log (GG.D)
  • Neutron Log (NN)
  • Photoelectric Density (PDT)
  • Pulsed Neutron Gamma (ING)
  • Imaging methods (camera inspections [TV], acoustic scanners [ABF], optical scanners [OPTV])
  • Full Wave Sonic / Cement Bond Log (FWS / CBL)
  • Conductivity / temperature of the fluid (SAL/TEMP)
  • Milieu parameters (MIL: pH, redox, O2)
  • Flowmeter (FLOW)
  • Turbidity Log (FMT)
  • Liquid density (FD)

Other measurement methods