Our big goal is always to make the work of our employees as easy as possible. Our employees have to be very flexible, as orders are often placed at very short notice, and are then often on the road for several days. Our special measurement technology must always be operated by experts on site, so the resulting travel times can never be avoided completely. For this reason, it is particularly important to me to optimize the tour planning.

In addition, digitalization will make the processes and methods easier for us. We are developing our personal digitalization timetable for this purpose. Particularly at our Munich location, we work together with the employees in creative workshops to develop new digitization ideas. We have a large number of creative employees and would like to offer even more opportunities to implement ideas here in the future.

Eduard Scheck

Managing Director

I studied geosciences and completed my master’s degree at the university in Freiberg. Since August 2018 I have been working for BLM-GmbH in Gommern in the department for interpretation and evaluation of measurement data.

My main job is in the office, where I more precisely break down and evaluate the data obtained in the field and prepare them in the form of reports for our customers. Partly I am also deployed on the construction sites to know the background of my data. I find my tasks here very interesting and varied and am glad that I moved here from Freiberg especially for this job.

Daniel Klein

M.Sc. Geowissenschaften

I am one of the most long-standing employees here in the company and have previously worked for several years in the field on construction sites as a logging engineer. In the meantime, my workplace is here in the workshop. I am responsible for the repair, care and maintenance of our technical equipment, such as the probes, and the service vehicles from vans to trucks.

I am very happy that I can now contribute my many years of experience here in the workshop and that I can pass on my knowledge to the young colleagues.

Uwe Klein


I have been employed by BLM-GmbH in Gommern since 2012. My original area of responsibility was the technical processing and completion of the reports. My current workplace is the secretariat. I am the telephone central, I coordinate all appointments and handle the required organizational tasks.

I enjoy working here and always come to work in a good mood.

Claudia Kayser